Funny Secret Santa Gifts 2017

Funny Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2017

Trending Funny Secret Santa Gifts in 2017

What’s your Secret Santa budget in 2017? Tenner? Maybe it’s only a fiver or an eye-watering 20 pound/dollar note? Whatever is your Secret Santa limit for gift-giving in 2017, there’s always a funny or witty gift you can easily find without breaking the bank! It’s always a super hard task to find the right Secret Santa gift, that would be appropriate, not offending & in-budget.

Here’s a shortlist of funny Secret Santa gift ideas to make your life a little bit easier this Christmas Season.


1) A toilet game for both big boys & big girls too!



Do you want to really surprise the person you give your Secret Santa gift in 2017?

Is the person well-known toilet-blocker?

The toilet putty game might be just the right gift to buy. And it will only set you back less than a tenner!

You can purchase this rather quirky toilet game on the following sites:

To buy it on Amazon UK for less than £10 simply CLICK HERE

To buy it on eBay UK for around a fiver, simply CLICK HERE


2) Spider Catcher – A Secret Santa Must-have present!

Secret Santa Gift Idea - Spider Catcher


Ever wondered if there’s a gift that both ladies & those big brave men can use to conquer the world of spiders?

Perhaps you have a friend that’s more frightened of spiders than sharks?

Here’s a solution to your 2017 Secret Santa chore! A SPIDER CATCHER!

Best of all you can get it under a tenner (or $20 if you in US). Not too shabby.

To buy it for £9.99 from IWOOT UK, simply CLICK HERE

To buy it for £9.99 from, simply CLICK HERE


3) Secret Santa 2017 Gift Idea for Him & Her: For Fox Sake Mug

Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2017 For Fox Sake Mug

What would the Fox say? Probably ‘For Fox Sake!’

Without wondering too much, this funny mug is a perfect gift for those swearing way too often and those that do not like to express themselves with a bad language. Even after the turkey is burning in the oven. Even then.

It has 300 ml capacity, which should be more than enough for a very foxy cup filled with your favourite beverage.

To buy it for £6.99 from IWOOT UK, simply CLICK HERE


4) Pug-In-A-Mug Tea Infuser – a Pug to rule them all!

secret santa gift 2017 pug in a mug funny
Pug in a Mug – Secret Santa Doggy Gift  Necessity

Who doesn’t love pugs? Well, perhaps many of us! But there’s a bunch of people absolutely obsessed with pugs, the bread of dogs that makes their hears melt. Not everyone can keep a dog under their roof, but here’s an absolutely stress-free (and most importantly – mess-free) option that your Secret Santa chosen person will fall in love with – a Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser! 

Simply allow him to dive tail-first into your mug and voila! The tea is ready in matter of minutes…and your pug… Well – he’s happy to be alive!

If you’re looking for a Secert Santa Gift for under £10, you are in the right place.

To buy it for £6.99 from IWOOT UK, simply CLICK HERE

To buy it on Amazon UK for £6.99 simply CLICK HERE


5) The ultimate 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool

Secret Santa kitchen gift-under 10
Locisne 8 in 1 Kitchen Multi Tool

Okay, this isn’t maybe very funny but it’s bl**dy useful in your kitchen. It’s surprisingly very cheap too considering all the features it brings – so it should easily help you to stay in your Secret Santa Limit this Holiday Season.

You will get: funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator & a measuring cup all in one, easy-to-store tool. Can’t go wrong with yet another (this time useful!) kitchen gadget. This should apply to both men & ladies what you’ve won in your Secret Santa Draw. I certainly hope so!

To buy it on Amazon UK for £7.99 (currently on sale!) simply CLICK HERE

To buy it on Amazon UK for £10.99 (currently on sale!) simply CLICK HERE


Please let me know if you have any other ideas for the upcoming Secret Santa season!

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